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Looking Forward To 

New Students in 2014! 


Jazzy D Studio Wins Big at Showstopper

We are ecstatic to share our

Showstopper results with everyone.  



3 CRYSTAL AWARDS (the highest of all Showstopper awards!):  
"That's a Wrap", "Misfits" & "Prison Break"

"Bye-Bye Birdie", "Yaow", "Gimme Dat", "Boogie Woogie", "Report to the Dance Floor", & "Mad Men Swing"


"Moulin Rouge", "Sea Cruise", "Critical", "Bring the Action", "Bollywood" & "Shooting Star"


"O.M.G.-1-2 Step", "Latin Active", "I Like That", "Dynamite", & "She Works Hard for the Money"


 1st Place: "That's a Wrap", "Misfits", "Prison Break", "Boogie Woogie", "Mad Men Swing" & "Bollywood"

 2nd Place: "Bye-Bye Birdie", "Report to the Dance Floor" & "Sea Cruise"

 3rd Place: "I Like That"

 8th Place: "Shooting Star"

 9th Place: "Yaow"

 10th Place: "Moulin Rouge" & "She Works Hard for the Money"




Want To Move

To The Music?


Jazzy D Studio is committed to providing the best dance instruction available in Fresno. We have several classes available throughout the year. Each class is focused on a specific age, style and skill level. Specialties include Hip-Hop, Urban Funk, Character Dance, Production Dance, Show Teams and Competition Teams. In addition, we have a class for adults. We also offer dance lessons for Weddings and Quinceaneras.

Each year, we showcase what our students have learned by hosting live public performances, in addition to our entries into statewide competitions against other dance studios. We are an Award Winning dance studio with a phenomenal reputation in the San Joaquin Valley.


Please call us at (559) 277-1767 and leave a detailed message as to what type of classes you are interested in. We will happily return your call to give you updates on the availability of the type of class you are interested in and the cost to enroll.


We look forward to meeting bright new stars.






Teamwork builds character and confidence!


Benefits of Dance

Dancing is a wonderful way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive benefits towards one’s health. Following are the Top Four health benefits of dance.


1. Strength
Strength is defined as the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer's own body weight. Many styles of dance, including jazz and ballet, require jumping and leaping high into the air. Jumping and leaping require tremendous strength of the major leg muscles. Ballroom dancing builds strength. Consider the muscle mass a male ballroom dancer develops by lifting his partner above his head!

2. Endurance

Dance is physical exercise. Exercise increases endurance. Endurance is the ability of muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue. Regular dancing is great for improving endurance, especially vigorous dancing such as line and ballroom dancing. Elevating the heart rate can increase stamina. Just as in any form of exercise, regular dancing will build endurance.

3. Sense of Well-Being

Dancing is a social activity. Studies have shown that strong social ties and socializing with friends contribute to high self-esteem and a positive outlook. Dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people. Joining a dance class can increase self-confidence and build social skills. Because physical activity reduces stress and tension, regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being.
4. Flexibility
Flexibility is an important part of being healthy. Dance requires a great amount of flexibility. Most dance classes begin with a warm-up including several stretching exercises. Dancers must strive to achieve full range of motion for all the major muscle groups. The greater the range of motion, the more muscles can flex and extend. Most forms of dance require dancers to perform moves that require bending and stretching, so dancers naturally become more flexible by simply dancing.
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